Coating, Clips & Fittings for Name Badges

Most Name Bars are available with plain print finish or with luxury UV lens coating. We recommend the UV lens (sometimes called doming) because it gives a prestige look to your badge. It is crystal clear and can withstand much greater wear and tear. Some of our coated badges have been in continuous use for over a decade! It is especially recommended in harsh or moist environments, outdoors, coolrooms and where cleaning fluids may be in use.

Printed badges should be kept clean where necessary using only a dry cloth. Harsh rubbing, solvents or detergents should be avoided. Remove from garment for washing or dry-cleaning.

Clips and fittings are available in a standard range from basic brooch pin to magnetic attachment, which is easy to put on and leaves no marks. Here is our standard range of clips & badge fittings. Others may be available on special order. Please specify the fitting required with your badges.

→ Spare magnets are available in packs of 10.

→ The Pocket Pin-Clip and Magnetic Badge Clip are also available on our button badges over 45mm.

Standard Brooch Pin.
Pocket Pin/Clip.
Tie Bar
Rotating Pin/Clip
Locking Brooch Pin
Magnetic Badge Clip
Strap Pin/Clip
Stud Pins