Magnetic Name Tags and Magnetic Name Badges

Pin-on badges may be a thing of the past with the advent of strong magnetic name tags that keep your name badges securely in place on all kinds of garments. Conscious of concerns that badge pins could damage their clothing, may larger companies began looking for a more user friendly way to identify their front-counter staff. Dandy Badges & Magnets is one company that rose to the challenge by offering magnetic name tags and magnetic name badges that are guaranteed not to rip or tear clothing. Magnetic materials have become much more widespread of the last 10 years as so many are used in disk drives , motors and other technology. This allowed makers of magnetic name tags and magnetic name badges to come up with a solution that is more elegant than a clip and more practical than a dog-tag style lanyard.

Who uses magnetic name tags?

Many women prefer magnetic name badges as more delicate clothing is ill-suited to a clip or pin. Men are just as comfortable as magnetic name tags are strong enough to stay in place on thick blazers, ties or work clothes. Magnetic name badges and magnetic name tags can be produced in a variety of styles with or without the company logo or insignia which can be printed in full colour. As each magnetic name badge is engraved or embossed with personalised printing, staff are assured of a unique product that is designed to be both attractive, durable and practical. Dandy Badges and Magnets has also developed re-usable magnetic name tags which have become a boon to the hospitality industry as well as many other market sectors. With so many casual staff, magnetic name tags that can be used over and over again have become the norm. Casual staff are handed a magnetic name badge with their name printed on a removable insert. When the shift is over, the badge is handed back ready for the next time. Magnetic name tags and magnetic name badges are becoming more and more popular as companies and organisations realise the benefits