Notepad Fridge Magnets

Full colour and a variety of shapes & sizes

Now here’s a good idea – a shopping pad that sits on the fridge delivering your advertising message 24/7 – and what’s more it’s incredibly useful!

Another Dandy innovation, these shopping notepad magnets are available in a range of shapes (see our full catalogue) and can hold several notepad sizes.

The magnets have a cut-out slot that the pad slides into. Pads can be blank or printed up to 4 colours with up to 50 pages. Choose from our stock sizes or design your own.

Magnets are generally supplied bulk packed but can be optionally polybagged.

Extra pads can also be supplied if required.

Ideal for shopping lists, to-do lists, reminders and telephone message pads.

Standard size pads with 25 pages (Pad width x Pad depth):
105×148 90×210 90×140 90×114
75×140 75×100 60×108 62×140
Standard slotted magnet for 60/62mm wide pad (Magnet width x magnet depth):
77×97 77×115
Standard slotted magnets for 75mm wide pad: (Magnet width x magnet depth):
100×115 97×135 100×85 120×70
95×80 95×100 93×47
Standard slotted magnets for 90mm wide pad: (Magnet width x magnet depth):
120×45 137×72 140×95 140×110
Standard slotted magnet for 105mm wide pad: (Magnet width x magnet depth):

Minimum quantity: 1000

Magnets can also be cut to your design specification.

Supplied bulk packed or individually bagged.

CLICK HERE to download catalogue of Notepad Magnets.