Promotional Fridge & Custom Magnets

Our range of colourful calendar magnets.


Fridge magnets are handy for keeping the odd piece of paper, clipping or photo on the fridge, but what if you want to hold up something heavier – maybe a whole sheaf of paper or magazine?

The problem is that a fridge magnet loses some of its holding power when paper or other material is held between it and the metal surface of a fridge or filing cabinet.

Standard or custom shapes available.

Dandy uses extra-strong magnetic material for its magnets, but there is still a limit to what can be held without fear of dropping off the fridge.

That’s why we invented the clip-magnet, which is actually a combination of our standard badge clip and strong magnet.

Once the full surface of the magnet is on the fridge, adding a clip means it will now hold many, many more sheets or even other things like brochures, tickets, tags, postcards or pads.

In fact our experimentation shows that the clip-magnet will hold many times its own weight.


The clip-magnet can hold many times its own weight.

So now the magnet becomes a message centre that securely holds all kinds of material for as long as you want.

Our clients use the clip-magnet to promote their businesses because they know it is a useful product that’s going to be appreciated time and time again.

Some customers report that the clip-magnet is used for holding appointment cards, loyalty coupons and instruction sheets.

The bonus is that the magnet can be printed with logos, messages or promotions that will keep their name right in front of their customers to be seen on a daily basis.

Dandy has a number of standard clip-magnet shapes and can also make special custom designs.

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