Promotional Fridge & Custom Magnets

Our range of colourful calendar magnets.

Everything you need to know about promotional fridge magnets and custom promotional magnets. Promotional fridge magnets are the low-cost way to market your business or promote your organisation. Your message works 24/7 because it is always on view. Dandy Badges & Magnets is Australia’s market leader in promotional fridge magnets and badges – we have the experience and the knowledge to make sure your marketing really works. Custom fridge magnets are made to order just the way you want them. Choose one of our existing shapes and designs or provide your own artwork. Here are 7 tips on how to drive your promotional fridge magnet message further
  1. Hand them out to customers. Satisfied clients are your best salesmen Always leave a magnet or two so they can recommend you to their friends and associates.
  2. Do a letterbox drop. A custom promotional magnet is not like junk mail – it is seen as a gift rather than a throw-away. And chances are your message will soon find its way onto a family fridge or office filing cabinet.
  3. Stand out from the crowd. Use your promotional fridge magnet to leave a lasting impression by making sure it has plenty of visual impact. Dandy magnets are printed in full glossy colour and have huge creative potential. Ask to see some of our designs.
  4. Be bold and be seen: Make your name and number easy to see. Remember not to put too much information on your custom promotional magnet or that vital contact information might get squeezed into a hard-to-read type size.
  5. Do it often! Don’t just rely on a one-off campaign. Successful marketing depends on reinforcing your message, so think about your promotional fridge magnet as an ongoing tool. Once, twice or three times a year? Once you strike a balance of how regularly you send out your custom promotional magnet, you’ll find that results will soon speak for themselves.
  6. The 80/20 rule. Many business find that the 80/20 rule applies to marketing as it does in so many other aspects of commerce. What is the 80/20 rule? Its no secret that 80% of your business is likely to comes from 20% of your customer base. So, when considering who to target with your custom promotional magnet, it is wise not to ignore your existing customers. In fact you’ll probably be amazed to see how often a repeat order or client contact is prompted by the simple arrival of your latest promotional fridge magnet.
  7. Try a new approach. Don’t just use the same promotional fridge magnet over and over again. Vary your message regularly by making changes to your copy, artwork, shape or colour. Remember, custom promotional magnets are just that – custom-made so you can afford to vary the a little. Try to keep tabs on which designs produce the best results and you’ll know which ones to repeat more often.