Name-Lists & Typestyles

Dandy name badges can be individualised with a person’s name and or title which is either printed or engraved – depending on the style of badge.

Engraving has a limited number of typestyle fonts which can be seen in the downloads below.

Our “Digibadge” full colour badges can use most of the common Windows or Mac fonts and are therefore more versatile. However, we have found from our many years experience that the simpler fonts like Helvetics, Ariel and Times Roman, are the most practical. They are clear, easy to read and generally look good on a badge. Similarly, although we can print names in most colours (using CMYK), it is best to stick to either basic black or a strong primary colour.

The exception is when you have a dark background in which case a “reversed out” white is recommended. Colour Names on a colour background is not recommended as they can be more difficult to read. But having said that – it’s your badge and you should choose a layout and colour scheme that works for you. Many designers have come up with spectacular looking badges using a variety of colours and typestyles.

NAMELISTS should be provided to us in either spreadsheet or Word Processor format so our computerised equipment can produce your badge with the greatest efficiency and accuracy. Please download the Name List Specs for more information on how to provide your list of names.

Save money – pre-pay your stock

Most of our clients require an ongoing namebadge service to cope with new or changing personnel.

It will be more convenient and cheaper to order and pay for a bulk stock in advance, then send us the new names as they are needed. This way, you get the benefit of a saving money by buying at a better bulk rate, faster service and no-fuss ordering.

Generally, after the initial set-up and delivery of badges we offer a two to three day turnaround on your ongoing pre-paid orders. You just email or fax your list of names and receive the badges a few days later by post.