Engraved Name Tags

Many companies and organisations now use engraved name tags as a way of identifying their staff to their clients. They feel it adds a touch of prestige to what is many cases is a first-impression – and we all know that first impressions count.

Available in a number of colours

Engraved name tags are produced in a number of materials, the most common and least expensive being special engravable plastic. These are available in a number of colours as well as metal finish which makes your engraved name tag look like real polished brass, aluminium or bronze.

Being made of plastic, logos are easily printed, either in full colour or one or two colours. The finished effect is an engraved name tag that looks far more expensive than it is! Engraved name tags can also be dome-coated with crystal-clear UV resin. This gives the engraved name tag a luxurious, hard-wearing finish that makes it much more durable.

Full-Colour Printing

New printing techniques allow engraved name tags to be emblazoned with full-colour printing which in effect